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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Himachal Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 56744097
Closing Date 03 - Feb - 2023  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of silver nitrate 25gm, iodine resublimed 100gm, potassium iodide 250gm, sodium metal 250gm, sulphuric acid 2500ml, nitric acid 2500ml, hydrochloric acid 2500ml, acetic acid glacial2500ml, carbon tetrachloride 2500ml, benzene for synthesis 2500ml, edta di sodium salt 100gm, naphthol alpha 500gm, beta naphthol 500gm, benzoic acid 500gm, benzamide 500gm, formaldehyde 2500ml, potassium chloride purifide 500gm, urea 500gm, oxalic acid 500gm, sodium hydroxide pellets 500gm, sodium bicarbonate 500gm, staining solution ethanol 500ml, ferrous sulphate 500gm, litmus blue solution 125ml, glycerine 500ml, ammonia solution 2500ml, sodium nitrite purified 500gm, ferric chloride anhydrous 500gm, phenolphthalein solution 125ml, nesslers reagent 100ml, potassium permanganate 500gm, liquid paraffin light 500ml, sodium thiosulphate 500gm, copper sulphate 500gm, ammonium ferrous sulphate 500gm, sodium carbonate anhydrous 500gm, hot air oven digital, magnetic stirrer with hot plate cap 5kg, hot plate electric, digital balance, melting point apparatus, tlc kit, chromatography jar app, muffle furnance, double distillation appratus, water bath, colorimeter, conductivity meter, viscometer, stalgometer, burette 50ml, pipette, thermometer, beaker, china dish, measuring cylinder, conical flask, reagent bottle, test tube 15by125mm, test-tube 18 by 150mm, test tube stand, wooden colorimeter, burette stand, tripod stand, filter paper, rubber tubing, funnel, specific gravity bottle, wire gauge no 1, kipps apparatus, analytical balance, conductivity meter electrodes, ph meter, vaccum pump, sintered glass crusible, dessicator
Qty : 715

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