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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3.68 Million approx. / 36.81 Lakh approx.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 36980589
Closing Date 14 - Nov - 2019  |  29 Days to go View Tender Details
Carry out hydraulic pressure testing, painting, re-filling, labeling, fixing and spare parts etc. of portable fire extinguishers of different types and capacity installed, water type (stored pressure) , mechanical foam type , dry chemical powder type , abc powder type , co2type , naf p iv ( clean gas agent) , hfc 236 fa ( clean gas agent) , valve assembly, safety pin with chain, siphon tube, insulated handle, discharge horn( bend pipe ), rubber handle, wire braided discharge hose, non-conducting horn, washer fit in discharge horn, hose clamp, trolley wheel, instruction label, wall mounting bracket at various locations of jn port and township.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.64 Million approx. / 16.45 Lakh approx.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 36867929
Closing Date 28 - Oct - 2019  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Replacement of existing damaged sewage pipe line with pvc pipes of gjh.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 36857222
Closing Date 25 - Oct - 2019  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of discharge pipe left side pipe for catter piller engine fitted in bhel 700 hp diesel electric locomotives, discharge pipe right side pipe for catter piller engine fitted in bhel 700 hp diesel electric locomotive.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 36857276
Closing Date 24 - Oct - 2019  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of copper tube 5/8 " dia ( 1 roll consist of 15 mr), 3/8" service valve bend type, thermostatic expansion valve for voltas 40 tr chiller plant model no.mve-34-cp-100.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 36788635
Closing Date 22 - Oct - 2019  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Plugging and unplugging of ertgcs and related works for two years.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 36621285
Closing Date 17 - Oct - 2019  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ac split - 1.5 ton, air compressor, wire 1.5 sq mm, wire 1 sq. mm, wire 2.5 sq. mm, wire 4 sq. mm, led pop light 12w round, cable aluminium armoured 240 3.5 core, fan ceiling 48" 1200 mm, cable clip 25 mm, copper strip size 25x3mm, led flood light 120w, cable armoured aluminium 120 sq. mm 3.5 core, wire 10 sq. mm, led pop light 15w round, led tube light rod 20w 4ft, wire 6 sq. mm, wall fan, flexible pipe 3/4", led strip light, motor 5 hp 3 phase submersible, pvc pipe 1", 11 kv/12 kv load break switch 630 amp, 3 pol with fuse 20 amp. outdoor type ip 65 with stand & cable entry, bottom, geyser 50 lit, led flood light 100 w, motor submersible 7.5 hp, cable aluminium 3.5 core 70, cable aluminium armoured 16 sq. mm 4 core, led light 6w surface penal round, cable copper armoured multistand 10 sq. mm 4 core, cooler fan motor, led foot (step ) light 2w, cable 3 core 2.5 sq. mm flexible copper type, ups online 5.5 kva 192v, modular socket 6 amp, modular switch 6 amp, mccb panel, geyser 15 ltr, cable 3 core 4 sq. mm flate, led pop light 16 w, cooler fiber body, mccb 400 amp 4 pole with box, led sport light 12 w, earth gi 3mtr rod, tv cable, cable 3 core 2.5 flate, led 18w light surface exla series 6500k 225 mm dia, led flood light 30w, fan exhaust shatter, masala grinder with motor 10kg /10ltr, rccb 25 amp. 2 pole, cable 3 core 1.5 sq. mm flexible copper type, led round down lighter in fales ceiling 12 w, regulator moduler socket type, ht cable 3x35 sqmm, cooler grass, cassing patti 3", led round downlights in false ceiling 15-18w, wire speaker 40x76, motor 2hp openwell, modular socket 16 amp, led pop light 18w round, transformer geo 400 amp., fan regulater socket type, shaddel 1/2", led tube rod of 18 w 2100 lumens, cable 4 core 4 sq. mm, rccb 40 amp 4 pole, cable copper armored 4 sq. mm 3 core, pvc bend 1", rope light led, motor 5 hp 3 phase, cable rg-6 for tv, solar panel cleaning, led metalic 50 watt, earth chemical beg, portable steam generator 4 kw, led pop light 2w round, led strip driver 6 amp, light mirror optic 2x36 with ballast (for pop), fan exhaust 18", earth copper 3mtr rod, tape pvc (insulation), led tube light complete 5w 1ft, 90w led metallic lights, box type suitable for led tube rod of 18 w led tube, fan regulater switch type, cassing patti 2", sheet 8 modular, fan exhaust 9", fan regulater modular switch type, pir sensor, mcb 10 amp sp, wire ups 1.5 sq. mm, led strip light (blue), pvc junction box 1" (4 way), led metalic 100 watt, modular switch 16 amp, led 6 watt round p.c surface panel model eco, geyser 25 lit, elcb 40 amp 4 pole, international socket 13 amp multistandard 6730 43, starter 7.5hp motor 3 phase, lamp halogen 12v/20w assy, sensior automatic water level controller, led mirror light, reciprocation compressor 2.0tr, contacter 40 a, t5 slim energy saving light 22w, metal box 8 modules, mccb 200 amp 3 pole, led round downlights in false ceiling 3-5 w, mcb 63 amp - 3 pole, pvc exhaust fan 6", blower machine, element rod 2 kw, led square downlights in false ceiling (indirect light) 18-24w, plate 8 modules, box 8 moduler, led pop light 2x2 42 w, geyser 6 lit, power plug ss combined 16-20 amp with box, mcb 63 amp - 4 pole, cable 3 core 1.00 sq mm flexible copper type, mcb 16 amp sp, lighting arrester, mccb 125 amp, plug 3 pin top 6 amp - ordinary, cooler tub, wire copper 35mm single core, cable 3 core 1.5 sq. mm flate, fan exhaust 12", mcb 6 amp - sp, led tube light complete 30w 4ft, elcb 63 amp 4 pole, box 3 moduler, led pop light 7.5w round, battery 12v 150ah, 14m 4 row ppi flexi db, bell, wire 1 sq. mm (gray), ram coil assembly- fp -1, cable aluminium armoured 25 4 core, fan ceiling 24" 600 mm, led strip light driver 6.5 amp., cable gland 63 mm, copper plate earthing 600x600x3.15 mm, starter 3hp motor single phase, box 12 moduler, copper wire no. 8, blank plate, starter 2hp motor single phase, machine trust bearing, fan with alu. housing-g2e120 aa77-01-fp, 4 way vtpn double door 100amp. mccb incamar, plate 2 modules, led light 1wx12 abb make, mcb 40 amp - 4 pole, led strip light driver 10 amp., led pole light 20w, metal box 6 modules, socket - 13 amp international multistandand, motor 1/2 hp - single phase, metal box 2 modular, starter 5hp motor 3 phase, rccb 40 amp 2 pole, gi earth strip 25x3 mm, change over 100 amp., mcb box 16 way double door, one way switch 16 amp, led strip light driver 8 amp., lug tool hydraulic, 2hp submersible pump, danger plate, fan regulater cap, mcb box 6 way double door tpn, startor panel complete 5 hp for fountain, rccb 63 amp 4 pole, flexible pipe pvc 1", wire 0.5 sq. mm (single core), wire ups 1, modular switch 2 way 6 amp., dp switch 32 amp with indicator, sheet 4 modular, socket - 13 amp international multistandand black, sheet 3"x3" - round type, element rod 6 kw, computer jack cat 6 rj45, plug 3 pin top 16 amp - ordinary, cassing patti 1", plate 6 modules, lan (utp-cat 6 ) socket, led concealed light 7 watt, tube
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